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It was our dream to start a High Quality Concsious Business that offers Whole Food , Nutrient Dense products to assist others in unlocking their true inner potential via Mind Body Spirit.

There arn't very many Vegan options around the Island , and even then , many of the Vegan Eateries arn't even fully Organic.

Being a Raw Vegan in Kona especially  isn't the easiest with the limited options - so we wanted to provide a space / service that caters to the growing plant-based crowd.


Why Mylk?

After watching a few eye-opening documentaries or doing a litte research, it's clear that the dairy industry is one of (if not the top) leading causes of emissions, enviornmental pollution , and desensitization. Why rob a calf of his milk when you can drink a much more bio-available (more easily digested and assimilated) form of protein and get living plant based nutrition (check out Kirlian photography)(more links and reseach to be posted soon).

You are what you eat and food is thy medicine - that is why we keep our products Kosher - Organic - and Vegan. Come enjoy that sweet creamy , silky smooth , Mylk taste. (Text Orders to 808-640-8051)